The Gear Matrix reusable bottle combines sustainability and style. Made to carry both hot and cold drinks, the bottle’s vibrant design and refined details echo the rest of the line’s active feel, creating a bold universe of functional accessories. Available in blue, red, khaki, yellow, black, and silver.

Design and functionality

The bottle’s ABS silicon base is made with lightweight cushioning that helps to preserve the surfaces the bottle is placed on, and to reduce noise when it’s put down. It is made to be easily carried around.

Design and functionality

Featuring an embedded HUGO BOSS logo, the bottle’s hermetic ABS silicone cap keeps your drink hot or cold for around 12 hours.

Optimal insulation

The bottle’s double-walled construction enhances its stainless steel body, and an additional layer of copper-plated lining prevents unwanted heat transfer.


The Gear line is inspired by aerodynamic shapes, giving the range a streamlined aesthetic. This is true of its latest addition - the True Wireless Earbuds - headphones that bring together superior technology and a sleek, compact appearance for an elegant user experience. Available in a wide array of colors: blue, khaki, yellow, red, black, and white.

Intelligent design

Haptic Smart earbuds detection pauses music once an earbud is removed and restarts automatically when placed back into the ear. They’re also designed to be interchangeable, from right to left, depending on the wearer’s preference.

Easy to charge

The case is enabled with Qi fast wireless charging for when you’re on the go. The earbuds themselves have a 4.5-hour battery reserve, while the case battery lasts up to 24 hours.

Clear audio quality

The ergonomic earbuds deliver exceptional audio quality and are equipped with noise cancellation capabilities and ultra-low latency for an enjoyable user experience.


With their compact design, unique features, pop-color details, and flawless functionality, the Gear Matrix wireless speakers are a modern addition to everyday life and to the home. Their signature details mirror those of the rest of the range, allowing for beautiful product pairings.

Design and functionality

The speaker’s sleek design and lightweight, compact proportions allow the item to be easily carried from place to place and laid on any surface. They have five hours of play autonomy.


The Gear Matrix wireless speaker is rechargeable via its USB-C port. It connects to your smartphone and can intercept your calls through Wi-Fi. A microSD slot allows you to play music wherever you are.

Clear audio quality

The 3-watt speaker delivers crisp and clear sound quality.

Mix & Match



The contemporary look of the Ribbon line echoes the vibrant feel of the Matrix series with its distinctive color-block details. Elegant and minimal cardholders are made from soft leather, and writing instruments are lightweight and balanced, creating beautiful product combinations.


Pop-color elements, refined details such as matte black trims, and a vibrant aesthetic define the Gear Matrix series. This design approach is reflected across all products in the range, including writing instruments, keyrings, notebooks, and leather cardholders, to create a coherent and impactful product universe.

Mix & Match



Classic HUGO BOSS writing instruments inspire the new Illusion Gear pen. With its balanced shape and unique nib, this latest addition to the collection features design elements from the rest of the Gear range: dented rings, matte surfaces, and a dynamic aesthetic inspired by the fashion house’s athleisure line.


The Gear Classic items, with their black aesthetic, matte chrome accents, and subtle red details, are the original Gear products. The Gear line was initially inspired by the concept of high performance, with elements taken from HUGO BOSS’ distinctive athleisure collection.

  • Gear Classic

    A gift set is available


Gear Umbrellas were designed for an active lifestyle, with their compact and ergonomic silhouettes. From the dented ring at the tip of the handle to the bicolored canopies, each detail was designed to mirror the rest of the eponymous line to create a coherent product universe with an active look and feel.

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